Abhishek ghosalkar facebook live Full Video Shoot

Abhishek ghosalkar facebook live Full Video Shoot : The Facebook live video started like any other, with former Shiv Sena corporator Abhishek Ghosalkar casually talking to his audience. But within minutes, the banter would turn to bloodshed. Without warning, Ghosalkar was suddenly shot multiple times, his attempted murder caught on camera for all to see. The chilling attack, broadcast in full view to Ghosalkar’s unsuspecting viewers, would end with both Ghosalkar and his attacker dead – but not before raising alarm over the state of affairs in Maharashtra. As the video spread like wildfire online, one thing became devastatingly clear: violence was encroaching into even private, virtual spaces. The brutal murder of Ghosalkar demonstrated that even a Facebook live video offers no protection from cold-blooded killers. Please continue to follow for more updates on this story.

Abhishek ghosalkar facebook live Full Video Shoot
Abhishek ghosalkar facebook live Full Video Shoot

Abhishek Ghosalkar Murdered in Full View of Facebook Live Video

On Thursday evening, former Shiv Sena (UBT) corporator Abhishek Ghosalkar was shockingly shot dead during a Facebook Live session by local businessman Mauris Noronha in Borivli West, Mumbai, according to police reports. The 42-year-old son of veteran Shiv Sena leader Vinod Ghosalkar was killed in the office of 37-year-old Mr. Noronha, who had invited the former corporator over while streaming live on Facebook. Mr. Noronha fired five bullets at Ghosalkar before turning the gun on himself in an apparent murder-suicide captured on camera.

Ghosalkar was rushed to Karuna Hospital by local police who arrived at the shocking crime scene but doctors were unable to revive the severely wounded former corporator. Mr. Noronha was declared dead at the scene from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, as per statements from investigating officers. The entire sequence of events occurring in front of the livestreaming camera has sent shockwaves across Maharashtra’s political circles. Mr. Ghosalkar’s murder at the hands of an aspiring local politician has led to widespread condemnation from Shiv Sena and other parties.

The Facebook Live video depicting the crime has gone viral across social media, showing Mr. Ghosalkar apparently casually speaking with Mr. Noronha before the latter abruptly draws his weapon, prompting a stunned Ghosalkar to flee as Noronha fires five shots, with at least two striking the former corporator. The unchecked political violence demonstrated by the livestreamed assassination has raised fears about Maharashtra’s stability, drawing sharp critiques from state leaders. Police have opened an investigation into Mr. Ghosalkar’s murder.

Full Details of the Ghosalkar Attack

According to the viral Facebook Live footage, 37-year-old businessman Mauris Noronha had invited 42-year-old former Shiv Sena corporator Abhishek Ghosalkar to his office on Thursday evening. Mr. Ghosalkar was the son of veteran Shiv Sena leader Vinod Ghosalkar. The video shows Mr. Ghosalkar arriving at Mr. Noronha’s IC Colony office in Mumbai’s Borivli West neighborhood at approximately 5:30pm as he continues his ongoing Facebook Live broadcast. Roughly fifteen minutes into the recorded meeting, Noronha suddenly draws a revolver and opens fire on his visitor.

The chilling footage shows Ghosalkar struck by at least two bullets fired by Mr. Noronha while desperately attempting to flee his attacker, before collapsing to the ground. Mr. Noronha subsequently turns his weapon on himself, committing suicide after grievously wounding Mr. Ghosalkar. The police report states officers arriving on scene at 5:52pm transported the injured Ghosalkar to Karuna Hospital where doctors’ attempts to resuscitate him failed. Mr. Noronha was declared dead from a self-inflicted gunshot at the scene of the crime. The brazen attack apparently occurred without warning or provocation.

According to the Maharashtra Police’s preliminary investigation, Mr. Ghosalkar was engaged in a typical Facebook Live broadcast while traveling to Mr. Noronha’s office, indicating he had no reason to expect an attack from the businessman. The footage documents the corporator speaking casually and shaking hands with Mr. Noronha in the moments before the shooting, implying there was no preceding altercation between the men. Witness statements also corroborate the attack appearing entirely unprovoked from Mr. Noronha’s side. The police report confirms five shots fired, with two striking Mr. Ghosalkar before Mr. Noronha turned the gun on himself.

Key People Involved in The Ghosalkar Killing

Forty-two-year-old Abhishek Ghosalkar, the victim of the lethal attack, was a former Shiv Sena corporator and son of longtime party leader Vinod Ghosalkar. He had been elected to his local civic position in the Borivali suburb of Mumbai. According to police statements, Mr. Ghosalkar had no documented rivalry with 37-year-old Mauris Noronha prior to the murder. Mr. Noronha was a businessman who harbored aspirations of entering politics and contesting future elections. While his specific motives remain unclear, his actions demonstrated links to the bitter infighting still impacting Maharashtra’s politics.

Mr. Abhishek Ghosalkar followed his father, prominent Shiv Sena politician Vinod Ghosalkar, into local politics – getting elected corporator in Borivali, Mumbai where the elder Mr. Ghosalkar wielded influence. The 42-year-old was aligned with the Uddhav Thackeray faction of Shiv Sena. He had no known enmities with 37-year-old Mauris Noronha according to colleagues. Mr. Noronha meanwhile was described by locals as an ambitious businessman harboring political dreams, although his ties to any party remain uncertain. His shooting of Mr. Ghosalkar exposed the climate of violence pervading local politics.

Mr. Abhishek Ghosalkar, 42, was a corporator in the Shiv Sena party which his veteran father Vinod Ghosalkar had been instrumental in establishing a strong presence within their suburban Borivali constituency over many years. The younger Mr. Ghosalkar had assumed the mantle of local leadership after being elected corporator in the area. Mr. Mauris Noronha, 37, was a businessman with growing political ambitions according to locals but he had no formal ties to any specific party as per the police report. His shocking murder of Mr. Ghosalkar demonstrated the bitter infighting plaguing all levels of Maharashtra politics.

Full Background and Potential Motives Behind Attack

Police investigators have surfaced no documentation or witness accounts indicating any substantial prior interactions between murdered Shiv Sena politician Abhishek Ghosalkar and his attacker Mauris Noronha. While Mr. Noronha was known to harbor political aspirations, there are no records of him being affiliated with any party. Some local residents speculate his ambitions may have somehow led him into conflict with the entrenched Shiv Sena apparatus in Borivali led by Mr. Ghosalkar’s influential father. But with Mr. Noronha also dead, determining motives remains challenging for the ongoing investigation.

According to Maharashtra Police’s current inquiry, there are no records of 42-year-old Shiv Sena corporator Abhishek Ghosalkar having any documented rivalry or interactions with his 37-year-old attacker Mauris Noronha prior to the murder. Mr. Noronha had political ambitions but ties to any specific party remain uncertain. Locals have speculated his aspirations could have potentially led to some growing conflict with the long dominant Shiv Sena faction led by Mr. Ghosalkar’s father Vinod. But Noronha’s death makes determining motives difficult. The case remains under active investigation by authorities.

Police officials have surfaced no evidence so far indicating Abhishek Ghosalkar and Mauris Noronha had any substantial interactions prior to the murder. Noronha’s attack appeared entirely unprovoked based on the Facebook Live footage and witness statements. While locals were aware of Mr. Noronha’s recent political ambitions, the 37-year-old was not formally affiliated with any specific party as per authorities. Some residents privately wonder if Noronha’s aspirations led to frictions with the entrenched Shiv Sena apparatus, potentially explaining the targeting of Mr. Ghosalkar. But officials emphasize the investigation remains ongoing given the lack of clarity around motives.

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