African grey parrots swearing Video

Have you seen that African grey parrots swearing Video going around of the pet African grey parrot cursing up a storm? It’s gotten over two million views and counting. The clip shows Coco the parrot flying around his owner Laura’s living room, squawking foul language like “son of a b*tch” and other terms. Laura hadn’t intended to share the video online, but once her friend posted it without her permission, it went viral faster than she could imagine. Now folks are divided on whether Laura should be blamed for her potty-mouthed pet’s behavior, or if it’s just innocent mimicry without Coco understanding the meaning behind the words. But one thing’s for sure—that little grey parrot sure knows some colorful language! His story highlights how amazingly skilled African greys are at imitating speech, while also raising questions around responsible pet ownership. Love them or hate them, I bet you can’t help but watch that swearing parrot in shocked delight! Please continue to follow for more updates on this story.

African grey parrots swearing Video
African grey parrots swearing Video

Viral Video of African Grey Parrot Swearing

A video of a pet African grey parrot repeatedly swearing went viral online this summer, garnering over 2 million views on YouTube. The parrot, named Coco, belongs to Laura, a woman in her twenties based in London who purchased him from a local pet store as a baby.

In the video, Coco can be seen flying around Laura’s living room, squawking profanities like “son of a b*tch” and other language. Laura had initially enjoyed teaching Coco simple phrases, but as he matured, he began picking up foul language from the television, radio, and Laura herself.

“I was mortified when I realized how much he had learned from me swearing,” said Laura in an interview. “I’m always trying to teach him more polite words, but he seems to get the most joy out of shock value.”

While many online commented criticizing Laura for enabling Coco’s behavior, others argued his swearing was unintentional mimicry without comprehension. The viral sensation nevertheless serves as a reminder that African greys and other vocal mimics require caution around inappropriate speech. As pets often reflect their environment, responsible owners should consider a pet’s ability to absorb and repeat language.

Coco the Swearing African Grey Parrot’s Story

The African grey parrot who recently went viral for his swearing behavior has been identified as “Coco,” a 5-year-old pet bird owned by Laura, a woman in her late twenties in London. According to Laura, she purchased Coco from a local pet store when he was still a chick and spent the first two years teaching him basic words and phrases.

“When I first got Coco, he would just make cute chirping sounds,” said Laura. “But African greys are known for being excellent mimics, so I had fun teaching him to say hello, his name, and other polite words.”

However, as Coco matured, he apparently grew bored of the tame vocabulary Laura was offering. “The more lively and vocal he became, the more he started picking up language I didn’t want him repeating from overhearing my conversations, TV shows, and radio programs,” Laura admitted.

Security footage shows that Coco’s favorite inappropriate phrase is “son of a b*tch,” which he enthusiastically squawks multiple times in his now infamous viral video. While Laura insists she actively tries to curb his swearing, his advanced vocal mimicry paired with typical African grey intelligence and mischief has enabled him to continue soaking up and repeating uncensored speech.

Reaction to African Grey Parrot’s Swearing Video

The swearing African grey parrot’s viral video has been viewed over 2 million times since one of owner Laura’s friends uploaded it to YouTube without permission this summer. The video shows Coco flying around Laura’s living room while shouting expletives like “son of a b*tch” and “f**k you” repeatedly.

While the friend found Coco’s foul-mouthed rant hilarious, Laura was mortified by the situation getting shared publicly online. “I made multiple requests to have the video removed, but it kept getting reposted,” said Laura. “I was trying my best to re-train his vocabulary, so this going viral set us back even further.”

The viral clip has incited debate regarding responsible pet ownership and unintentional consequences of vocal mimicry. Critics of Laura argue that all pet owners should be held accountable for managing their pets’ behavior, including not enabling inappropriate language.

However, supporters of Laura point out that Coco likely has no comprehension of the actual meanings behind the words, instead mimicking purely for stimulation and attention. Additionally, African greys’ advanced intelligence makes curbing speech habits especially challenging once established.

While the controversy continues, Laura is exploring solutions with her avian veterinarian to redirect Coco’s vocal energies towards more positive phrases. “I just want what’s best for him,” Laura said. “His swearing isn’t done with any malice—he’s just a clever boy who soaked up his environment.”

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