Barmer mla Viral Video

A political firestorm has erupted in Rajasthan over the shocking viral videos allegedly featuring former Barmer MLA Mevaram Jain. The clips, which show the ex-Congress leader in compromising positions, have triggered a massive controversy ahead of the state elections. The “Barmer MLA viral video” case has become a political flashpoint with the BJP using it to corner the Congress on crimes against women while the Congress scrambles to control the damage from the scandal. Jain recently made headlines after being booked and based on a complaint by a married woman who claimed to possess the former MLA’s obscene videos. The public airing of these purported tapes on social media has placed the Congress on the backfoot, prompting calls for it to clarify its stand on the matter. With the videos spreading like wildfire online, the scandal is threatening to singe the Congress’ image in poll-bound Rajasthan. Following !

Barmer mla Viral Video
Barmer mla Viral Video

I. Barmer MLA’s Videos Go Viral

Jain, a Congress leader, was recently accused  by a married woman in a police complaint filed at Rajiv Nagar police station in Jodhpur. The woman alleged that Jain and his aide Ramaswaroop Acharya assaulted her and her minor daughter. In her complaint, the woman mentioned the existence of two videos of the former MLA.

Based on the woman’s complaint, police registered a case against Jain, Acharya and seven others under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code. The police said the woman underwent a medical examination and her statement was recorded as part of the investigation.

Jain petitioned the Rajasthan High Court seeking relief from arrest in the case. The court granted him interim protection from arrest till January 25 and directed him to cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

The videos, allegedly featuring Jain in compromising positions, surfaced online on Friday and were widely shared on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Photos showing Jain with senior Congress leaders like Ashok Gehlot and Rahul Gandhi also circulated along with the videos.

The viral video controversy has erupted ahead of state elections in Rajasthan. The opposition BJP has raised questions over the Congress party’s stand on crimes against women in light of the allegations against their former MLA. The Congress is yet to issue an official statement on the matter.

II. Leaked Tapes of Former Barmer MLA

Two allegedly videos of former Barmer MLA Mevaram Jain have surfaced online and gone viral on social media platforms.

The videos purportedly show Jain in compromising positions. According to police sources, the videos match the description provided by a woman in her complaint accusing Jain .

The married woman had filed a police case alleging that Jain and his aide Ramaswaroop Acharya her and her minor daughter. In her complaint, she mentioned the existence of two videos of the former Congress leader.

Based on preliminary investigation, police suspect the viral tapes are the same ones described by the woman. However, forensic analysis is being conducted to conclusively establish their authenticity.

The clips surfaced on social media on Friday and were quickly shared across platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. By evening, the videos had gone viral and were being widely circulated by users.

Police say they are trying to ascertain the source of the leak and are investigating how the alleged tapes reached the public domain. Officials declined to reveal further details at this stage citing the ongoing probe.

Jain, who was granted interim bail till January 25 by the High Court, could face additional charges if the tapes are found to be genuine and their leak is attributed to him. Police say appropriate action will be taken based on the outcome of forensic analysis.

The viral video controversy has emerged just months ahead of Rajasthan state elections. Opposition parties are citing the case to corner the Congress on the issue of crimes against women.

III. Political Reactions to MLA Scandal

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has targeted the Congress over the viral video case involving former Barmer MLA Mevaram Jain.

Jain, who was recently booked on charges , is seen in  videos that surfaced online last week. The BJP has questioned the Congress’ stand on crimes against women in light of the charges against their former legislator.

“The Congress must answer how someone like Mevaram Jain was given a ticket and made an MLA. What action will they take against him now?”, said BJP spokesperson Raman Mathur.

The BJP has demanded the Congress party issue a statement on the matter and make clear if it plans to initiate disciplinary action against Jain.

However, the Congress is yet to officially comment on the controversy surrounding its former MLA. The party has avoided reacting to the case so far. It remains unclear if the Congress plans to act against Jain over the damaging video scandal.

Along with the clips, photos showing Jain with Congress top leaders Ashok Gehlot and Rahul Gandhi have also gone viral online. The BJP pointed to the photos as evidence of the Congress’ close links with the accused ex-MLA.

The viral video case has erupted just months ahead of Rajasthan state elections scheduled for later this year. The BJP appears set to make it an election issue and cite it to target the Congress over crimes against women under its rule.

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