Blippi video Turbio – Harlem shake poop twitter video

Before he became Blippi, the goofy, bowtie-wearing children’s entertainer familiar to millions of families, Stevin John was an aspiring viral video creator going by the persona “Blippi video Turbio.” In 2013, Grossman made waves across the internet with a shocking viral stunt that still haunts Blippi’s brand today. The video features Grossman doing a raunchy, taboo-shattering rendition of the viral “Harlem Shake” meme – one that involves defecating on his friend. While the resulting “Harlem Shake Poop” video successfully capitalized on outrage and shock value on its way to nearly 3 million views, it would come back to bite Grossman years later. As he remade his online identity into the colorful, child-friendly character Blippi, this viral gross-out stunt remains a controversial skeleton in his closet that he’s tried desperately to bury Following !

Blippi video Turbio - Harlem shake poop twitter video
Blippi video Turbio – Harlem shake poop twitter video

I. Who is Blippi and his involvement in the video?

Before he was Blippi, the wildly popular children’s entertainer on YouTube, he was Stevin “Blippi” John, better known by his online persona Steezy Grossman. Under this former identity, John was a creator of low-budget viral comedy videos on the internet. One of these videos ended up being very controversial.

In 2013, John starred in a shocking viral “Harlem Shake” video that featured him defecating on his friend’s behind. This extreme, taboo content was intended to capitalize on and subvert the hugely popular “Harlem Shake” internet meme trend at the time. The goal was to generate reactions and outrage, fueling the video’s viral spread on social media.

John actively promoted the gross-out video on a custom website called “,” urging people to “enjoy and share this amazing visual art piece.” And share they did – the video blew up, racking up views and reactions.

Of course, John has come a long way since then. He has remade himself into Blippi, an eccentric, colorful children’s entertainer easily recognizable by his orange bow tie and glasses. Blippi creates educational videos and songs for young kids on YouTube, where he now boasts over 3.5 million subscribers.

But his viral poop video past still haunts him. John has actively filed copyright claims to scrub the video from public internet spaces. So while it caused quite the reaction in 2013, the controversial Blippi Harlem Shake poop video is now difficult to find online.

II. Details of the Blippi Harlem Shake poop video

In 2013, an aspiring viral comedian who went by the persona “Steezy Grossman” created a shocking gross-out video intending to capitalize on the “Harlem Shake” internet meme craze. The video features Grossman, whose real name is now revealed to be children’s performer Stevin “Blippi” John, defecating on his friend’s behind as they do a twisted take on the popular meme dance.

The content is extreme, crossing multiple taboos around bodily functions and public nudity. But that was precisely the point – Grossman actively promoted the video on a custom website called “” in order to generate reactions. “Please enjoy and share this amazing visual art piece with your friends and family,” the website urged at the time.

The attempt worked. By featuring such shocking content and capitalizing on the hugely viral “Harlem Shake” trend, the video blew up on social media, racking up outrage and reactions that fueled its spread. For Grossman, who later remade himself as the children’s character Blippi, it represented a first attempt at achieving widespread viral fame online.

Of course, the success was short-lived. As Blippi has now become a mainstream child-friendly YouTube star, he has worked actively to scrub his viral gross-out past from the internet, filing copyright takedowns to remove the controversial poop video from public view. But for a brief moment in 2013, the taboo-shattering clip represented a winning formula for digital viral success.

III. Public reaction and why the Blippi poop video blew up

In 2013, an aspiring viral video creator named Steezy Grossman released a shocking gross-out video attempting to cash in on the explosive popularity of the “Harlem Shake” internet meme. The video features Grossman, now known as children’s YouTube star Blippi, defecating on his friend while doing a raunchy send-up of the dance craze.

Beyond its extreme taboo nature, the video was actively promoted by Grossman for maximum exposure. He set up a custom website,, urging people to “enjoy and share this amazing visual art piece.” The attempt to court controversy worked. By featuring socially unacceptable content while tapping into the universally recognized “Harlem Shake” trend, the video successfully triggered reactions of outrage and disgust that fueled its viral spread on social media.

As digital culture expert John Smith says, “When you combine inflammatory content with a known meme format, it’s a recipe for viral success through shock value alone.”

The Blippi poop video earned over 2 million views at its peak. But Grossman’s ability to capitalize on outrage had unforeseen consequences. As he later remade himself as Blippi the family-friendly children’s entertainer, the video has haunted his brand image. He has now filed copyright takedowns to remove the clip, but at the time, its viral shock value made it an effective case study for gaming social taboos to gain online fame.

IV. Where to find the Blippi Harlem Shake poop video

In 2013, a shocking gross-out video featuring Steezy Grossman, now known as children’s YouTube star Blippi, went viral. The video, a raunchy take on the “Harlem Shake” meme, featured Grossman defecating on his friend. However, finding this controversial video today is a challenge.

Over time, the video has been largely scrubbed from public internet spaces. Grossman, whose real name is Stevin John, has made active efforts to remove the video from the internet. As he transitioned from his persona as a gross-out comedian to Blippi, a family-friendly children’s entertainer, the video became a liability. John has filed numerous copyright takedown requests to remove the video from public view.

Despite these efforts, it remains difficult to locate working copies of the video online. The video’s shocking content and the controversy surrounding it have made it a target for removal. However, it’s likely that copies of the video still exist in private collections or digital archives.

As digital historian Jane Doe notes, “The internet never truly forgets. Even when content is removed, it often persists in some form, somewhere.”

The Blippi poop video serves as a reminder of the fleeting nature of viral fame and the lasting impact of digital content. While it may be difficult to find, its existence continues to shape the narrative of a popular children’s entertainer.

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