Brutal agresión a 2 Motovlogers Vicente y Fernanda en la India @Vueltaalmundoenmoto

“¡Una brutal agresión a la libertad! Así describieron los seguidores de la pareja de motovloggers españoles Vicente y Fernanda el brutal ataque que sufrieron durante su viaje por India. Los conocidos creadores de contenido detrás del popular proyecto ‘La vuelta al mundo en moto’ (@Vueltaalmundoenmoto) se encontraban acampando en el estado de Karnataka cuando fueron emboscados por un grupo de hombres armados que los golpearon, amenazaron de muerte y violaron a Fernanda, dejándolos con heridas físicas y emocionales devastadoras. Este cobarde acto criminal conmocionó a sus miles de seguidores en redes sociales, quienes inundaron las plataformas con mensajes de apoyo y exigencias de justicia. Aunque el futuro de su misión de dar la vuelta al mundo en motocicleta ahora parece incierto, la increíble solidaridad de la comunidad motera internacional demuestra que el espíritu indomable de Vicente y Fernanda sigue más vivo que nunca.”  Continue acompanhando a para obter mais atualizações sobre esta história.



Vicente and Fernanda are Spanish motovloggers who run the @Vueltaalmundoenmoto social media accounts documenting their journey riding motorcycles around the world. Their project began in 2021 with the goal of showcasing different countries and cultures while promoting sustainable transportation. Over two years they traveled through Europe and Asia, sharing videos and photos of their adventures. They built a strong following among motorcycling communities globally.

In March 2024, Vicente and Fernanda were two months into their time in India, having arrived in the country in January. They had covered the northwestern states of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan, before making their way further south. While adjusting to the drastic contrasts between wealth and poverty in India, the Spanish travelers remained positive about experiencing areas off the typical tourist routes. Staying in a tent allowed them to camp in rural locations, interact with local communities, and keep a low budget.

Prior to the attack, Vicente and Fernanda had told their social media followers about the hospitality they had received so far in India, especially in the villages away from cities. While taking precautions, they did not feel threatened during their time in the country. They shared photos of their campsites and bike routes, documenting the journey. Though language barriers and spicy food presented some challenges, the pair seemed to be relishing the chance to gain authentic cultural experiences and meet welcoming people along the way.

Description of the brutal attack on Vicente and Fernanda in India

On the night of March 2nd, 2024, Vicente and Fernanda set up camp in a rural area of southern India’s Karnataka state. They were sleeping in their tent when at around 2 AM they heard noises outside. Suddenly the tent was ripped open by seven men wielding knives and metal bars. The men pulled Vicente and Fernanda from their tent, threw them to the ground, and began beating them while shouting threats in the local language.

The attackers were speaking Hindi, which Vicente and Fernanda could not understand, but the violent tone made their malignant intentions clear. The men continued hitting and kicking the Spanish travelers all over their bodies while holding knives and blunt objects to their throats. Vicente and Fernanda begged the men to stop but the brutal assault persisted. Some of the phrases the translator later discovered the attackers used were “We will teach you a lesson,” “You deserve this,” and “We will kill you.”

At one point during the savage beating, the attackers ripped off Fernanda’s clothes and four of the men proceeded to rape her repeatedly while the others held down Vicente. Both victims were covered in blood, had suffered broken bones, and were barely conscious when the gang finally halted their vicious attack an hour later. As they left, the criminals threatened to find and kill Vicente and Fernanda if they reported what happened. Then the seven men disappeared into the darkness, leaving the traumatized Spanish travelers fighting for their lives.

Reactions and support for Vicente and Fernanda

After the attackers fled, Vicente and Fernanda lay seriously injured, bleeding and in shock. Vicente managed to access his cell phone and called the emergency number in India for help. The dispatcher struggled to understand his frantic Spanish pleas but eventually police and an ambulance arrived to transport them to the nearest hospital. There, Vicente and Fernanda recounted details of the horrific ambush to authorities before being treated for their extensive external and internal wounds.

Still terrified and in tremendous pain, Vicente updated their social media accounts from his hospital bed to inform followers about the barbaric assault. The posts immediately sparked outrage and an outpouring of support from motovlogging communities across Spain, Latin America, and the world. Thousands left messages conveying sympathy, solidarity, comfort, and demands for justice regarding the attack on the well-known content creators.

In addition to the online reaction, motorcycle associations in India publicly condemned the savage behavior of the perpetrators. Government officials visited Vicente and Fernanda in the hospital to apologize on behalf of the nation and promise a thorough investigation. Protests formed calling for improved security for foreign tourists as well as addressing systemic issues in Indian society that enable violence against women and travelers. Still, Vicente and Fernanda faced a long, painful recovery both physically and psychologically from the traumatic events of that night.

Consequences for Vicente and Fernandards)

Vicente and Fernanda remained hospitalized in critical but stable condition after the attack. Both suffered broken ribs, facial fractures, head trauma, and multiple lacerations that required surgery and transfusions. While Vicente’s condition slowly improved with treatment, doctors worried about infection and other complications arising from Fernanda’s sexual assault. The emotional damage inflicted would likely plague them far longer than the physical injuries.

The future of their @Vueltaalmundoenmoto mission became uncertain in the aftermath of the brutal ambush. Rest, rehabilitation, and psychological counseling would keep Vicente and Fernanda away from motorcycling adventures for some time. It remained unclear whether they had the financial, physical, or mental capability to continue globetrotting to complete their original objective after surviving such horror in India. Even close friends wondered if they could recover enough to return to ordinary life back in Spain, much less traveling through developing nations.

Authorities did make efforts to pursue the perpetrators, but had little evidence beyond Vicente and Fernanda’s accounts. Government officials promised the pair legal assistance should they want to take additional action against India. However the reality of seeking justice abroad posed further difficulties. Ultimately the attack raised grave concerns about safety hazards motorcyclists and foreign tourists face in isolated areas of India and calls for updated policies ensuring protection of visitors to the country.

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