David Kozak Telegram Video Prague shooting ? Who is Alina afanaskina ?

“Have you seen the chilling David Kozak telegram video?” The hushed question spread rapidly across social media in the aftermath of the horrific Prague University shooting on December 21st, 2023. As details emerged of lone gunman David Kozak’s premeditated attack that left 14 dead, many searched for further insight into the killer’s motivations. This led to obsessed analysis of Kozak’s encrypted Telegram account, where investigators uncovered the 24-year-old’s disturbing history of violent threats, sociopathic musings, and admiration for prior school shooters. One video clip in particular provoked intense scrutiny – Kozak’s post praising the actions of 14-year-old Russian shooter Alina Afanaskina just weeks prior. What do these two young mass murderers separated by borders share in common? And could clues in Kozak’s Telegram video have prevented the tragedy that befell Prague in the shadow of this mysterious Russian girl lauded online? The encrypted trail left behind by David Kozak raises these questions and more as a nation searches for answers. Following !

I. Unveiling David Kozak and the Prague Shooting

The devastating attack on Prague’s Charles University on December 21, 2023 stunned the nation. The lone gunman responsible was identified as David Kozak, a 24-year-old student at the university. In the aftermath, a disturbing picture has emerged of a deeply troubled young man who harbored violent fantasies and hatred.

According to police investigations, David Kozak was a legal gun owner who had no prior criminal violations. He lived with his father in a village outside Prague and commuted to the city for his graduate studies in history. By all accounts, Kozak was a loner with few friends who kept to himself. However, Kozak maintained an active presence online, specifically using the messaging platform Telegram.

Analysis of Kozak’s Telegram account has provided chilling insights into his state of mind leading up to the fatal shooting. Kozak used Telegram as a private diary of sorts, musing about dreams of committing mass violence. Several posts contain disturbing praise for school shooters in Russia, including Alina Afanaskina. Kozak wrote that these attacks inspired him and fueled his own desires to carry out a shooting massacre. The posts indicate that Kozak’s attack on Charles University was clearly pre-meditated, not a spontaneous act.

In the months before December 21st, Kozak stated his wishes to become a “maniac” killer and his plans to commit violence. Tragically, Telegram provided an echo chamber for Kozak to nurture his most dangerous thoughts, while concealing them from the outside world. The posts on Telegram suggest an obsession with murder, fame and suicide – all horrifyingly brought to fruition at Prague University.

II. David Kozak’s Telegram: A Digital Diary of a Loner

David Kozak’s private Telegram account provided a disturbing glimpse into the mind of a dangerous loner nursing violent ambitions. Through this digital diary, Kozak revealed his sociopathic fascination with school shooters and mass murderers.

Analysis shows Kozak used Telegram essentially as an echo chamber to nurture his most extreme thoughts. His posts contain shocking admiration for the child shooter Alina Afanaskina, who killed one and injured five at her school in Russia in December 2023. Kozak praised Afanaskina for “helping” him, suggesting the attack inspired his own massacre plans.

Several posts indicate Kozak’s obsession with gaining notoriety through mass violence. He followed the case of a 2019 Russian school shooter, and admired how such attacks brought the perpetrators fame. Kozak wrote chilling statements about wanting to “kill” and become “a maniac in the future.” Clearly he saw murder as a path to infamy for his own meaningless life.

Most disturbingly, Kozak directly stated plans to commit a school shooting in several Telegram posts leading up to December 21st. He said the account would serve as a “diary before the shooting,” making his premeditation irrefutable. By nurturing a single-minded murder fantasy in isolation on Telegram, Kozak likely reinforced his own delusions beyond the point of no return. Without the echo chamber Telegram provided, perhaps these sociopathic thoughts would not have led to the tragedy at Prague University.

III. David Kozak: Profile of the Prague University Gunman

Before December 21st, 2023, David Kozak attracted little attention in his small hometown outside Prague. The 24-year-old kept to himself, seen by neighbors as a loner and introvert focused intently on his studies. Kozak lived with his father, commuting to Charles University where he pursued a Master’s degree in Polish history.

As a legal gun owner, Kozak harbored a longstanding fascination with firearms and weapons. Investigators have uncovered his active participation for years on online gun forums and communities. Former classmates describe Kozak as a “strange nerd” obsessed with violence and firearms from his teenage years onward.

Yet none detected the extent of Kozak’s sociopathic thoughts brewing under his shy exterior. Interviews with the graduate student’s lecturers and peers at Charles University paint a picture of an isolated young man with few social connections. This enabled Kozak to hide his darkest plans and thoughts from those around him.

In retrospect, there were several warning signs of a troubled psychology that went unheeded. Kozak wrote academic papers in his history studies on topics like political extremism and European fascist groups. He expressed beliefs to virtual friends online that current society was corrupt and beyond saving. Clearly these radical ideas mingled dangerously with Kozak’s existing murderous compulsions.

The profile emerging of David Kozak is not one of an abruptly crazed killer, but rather a methodical sociopath nurturing violent urges over years through isolation and an echo chamber of extremist influences. Charles University and Prague itself unsuspectingly provided the stage for Kozak to unleash these lethal fantasies from his darkened mind into horrific reality.

IV. The David Kozak Shooting: A Dark Day at Prague University

December 21st, 2023 began as a normal day at Prague’s prestigious Charles University. As students gathered for lectures and exams at the Faculty of Arts, no one suspected the horror soon to unfold. David Kozak arrived on campus shortly before 3 PM armed with legally-owned firearms and lethal intent.

Witnesses describe Kozak entering the faculty building dressed fully in black, carrying a rifle and pistol. He proceeded to open fire indiscriminately into crowded classrooms and hallways. The first panicked calls reached Prague police at 2:57 PM. Officers were dispatched immediately based on intelligence predicting Kozak could commit an attack.

When the heavily-armed officers arrived on the scene, they engaged Kozak in a standoff on the faculty’s main stairwell. Terrified students fled any way they could as gunfire erupted between Kozak and police. Ultimately Kozak inflicted critical damage on himself after a direct shootout with officers at approximately 3:14 PM.

In the span of 17 nightmarish minutes, David Kozak succeeded in carrying out the deadliest attack in modern Czech history. The aftermath was sheer chaos, with first responders inundated treating the wounded while authorities secured the campus. In total, Kozak murdered 8 victims immediately, with another 6 later dying from injuries. Over 20 more suffered wounds of varying severity. Among the dead were several professors and Kozak’s father, killed earlier the same day.

The events of December 21st, 2023 will haunt Prague forever. David Kozak’s shooting spree turned a place of learning into a tragedy beyond comprehension for the Czech people.

V. Aftermath of the Prague Shooting: The Impact of David Kozak’s Telegram Posts

In the aftermath of horror, the questions linger – could this tragedy have been prevented? As Prague mourns, investigators dig into David Kozak’s online presence for answers. His encrypted Telegram channel offers the most insight into the sociopathic thoughts that culminated in mass murder.

Kozak’s Telegram activity exposes his premeditated planning and obvious danger signs. The disturbing, violence-obsessed posts went unseen by family, friends or authorities until too late. But in hindsight, the channel provided a digital diary of Kozak’s declining mental state and lethal intentions. Scrutinizing these posts, investigators grapple with difficult realizations that the system failed to intervene before disaster.

While Kozak alone bears responsibility for his horrific crimes, examining his online radicalization on Telegram is a haunting exercise for Czech society. Outrage resonates over the social media platforms that encourage extremism to thrive unchecked in the shadows. Further analysis aims to determine whether others in Kozak’s Telegram networks actively encouraged his sociopathic ambitions.

Most poignantly, 14 grieving families will forever question if their loved ones could have been spared. They join a stunned nation in poring over Kozak’s online trail searching for elusive answers. Could the authorities have learned of his unstable plans through Telegram before that fateful December 21st? As the Prague shooting aftermath continues unfolding, these painful questions persist around the bloodshed enabled by Kozak’s digital echo chamber.

VI. David Kozak and Alina Afanaskina: A Disturbing Connection

In the aftermath of mass tragedy, the inevitable questions emerge – what influences drove the killer to such extremes of violence? Investigation into David Kozak has revealed an ominous connection with the Russian school shooter, Alina Afanaskina. Their shared pathologies provide insight into the making of a murderer.

Analysis indicates striking similarities between Kozak and 14-year-old Afanaskina regarding their sociopathic isolation and violent radicalization online. Both nurtured fantasies of murdering classmates for notoriety, seemingly corrupted by admiration for past school shooters. They fit the typical young age profile of mass shooters as social outcasts consumed by violent delusions bred online.

Most disturbingly, Kozak’s posts show he idolized Afanaskina as inspiration for his plot against Prague University. He praised her brutal attack just weeks earlier, writing that she “came to my aid from heaven” in pushing him towards fulfilling his ambitions. This suggests a copycat-style complex, with Afanaskina’s violence providing the final impetus for Kozak’s deadly scheme.

Both killers clearly sought fame and infamy through mass murder, believing cold-blooded violence would give meaning to their aimless lives. By intertwining their legacies in tragedy, Afanaskina and Kozak remind us that the seeds for even greater carnage may already be germinating in other lost, angry souls online. Their paths from disturbed youths to murderous notoriety demand urgent study to prevent further radicalization.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.
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