Gal abdush Video Women in black dress hamas

In the early hours of October 8th, a haunting video surfaced online. It showed a woman in a torn black dress, lying on her back with legs splayed and face burned beyond recognition. Her right hand covered her eyes as if to block out the horror surrounding her. This woman was Gal Abdush video —a working mother of two trapped by traffic along with hundreds of other innocent Israelis as Hamas terrorists attacked without warning the night before. Gal’s grainy video, captured by a friend searching for missing loved ones, quickly went viral for all the wrong reasons. She would soon become yet another symbol of the extreme cruelty inflicted upon Israeli women and girls by Hamas militants. As Gal’s family recognized her battered body and confirmed their worst fears, hearts broke across the nation. Hers is just one name representing countless daughters, sisters and mothers targeted by terrorists. Behind the black dress in this chilling viral video lies a human story of unimaginable suffering during a night of brutal violence inflicted by Hamas. Following !

Gal abdush Video Women in black dress hamas
Gal abdush Video Women in black dress hamas

I. Who is Gal Abdush and what happened to her?

Gal Abdush was a working mother of two living in central Israel. On October 7th, she attended a nighttime party with her husband. As Hamas terrorists attacked the gathering, Gal and her husband found themselves trapped on the highway in traffic along with hundreds of other terrified partygoers.

Trying desperately to escape, Gal sent a final WhatsApp message to her family reading “You don’t understand.” She then disappeared into the chaos and violence unleashed by Hamas that night.

In the early morning hours of October 8th, a video surfaced showing a woman in a torn black dress lying on her back with her legs splayed. The woman’s face was burned beyond recognition and her right hand covered her eyes. The disturbing video was filmed by another woman searching for her missing friend after the Hamas attack.

The grainy footage immediately went viral, racking up thousands of shares online. Numerous Israelis responded, wondering if the battered woman was their own missing loved one. Soon, Gal Abdush’s family recognized her from the remains of clothing and jewelry still intact.

Israeli officials believe Gal was likely captured by Hamas militants in the video, which has since been verified by the New York Times. Sadly, Gal’s story reflects a broader pattern of gender-based violence perpetrated against Israeli women and girls that night. An extensive investigation by the Times identified at least seven different sites where females were deliberately targeted by the ruthless terrorists.

The horrifying assaults on mothers like Gal Abdush serve as sobering reminders of Hamas’ brutality. As the people of Israel continue to grapple with these attacks, Gal has come to embody the suffering inflicted on so many.

II. Why did the Gal abdush Video Women in black dress hamas go viral?

The disturbing video of an unidentified woman in a torn black dress went viral in early October for tragic reasons. The grainy footage was captured by an Israeli woman desperately searching for her missing friend after a brutal Hamas attack. Without realizing it, she had filmed a mother of two named Gal Abdush brutally wounded and left for dead.

As the video spread rapidly online, compassionate Israelis raced to identify the victim. Thousands wondered if the battered woman in black was their own wife, mother, sister or daughter who had disappeared that night. Many noticed telltale items of clothing and jewelry still intact on her body.

Soon, Gal Abdush’s family recognized the woman as Gal from the remnants of her dress. Their worst fears were confirmed when Israeli officials verified the woman as Gal based on additional videos and evidence. She had last been seen frantically trapped in highway traffic trying to escape from the Hamas militants.

While the images are profoundly disturbing, the viral video clip serves an important purpose. Gal’s story has become a symbol of the horrific violence inflicted upon Israeli women and girls that night. Further investigations discovered at least seven different sites where Hamas members targeted females specifically during the chaotic attacks.

As communities grieve horrific assaults on innocents like Gal Abdush, the images offer undeniable proof of the cruelty unleashed upon mothers, sisters and daughters. Gal’s haunting video is a stark reminder that the victims lost that day were more than just names and numbers. They were family.

III. Where can you see the video and learn about attacks on women?

The tragic video of Gal Abdush lying wounded in a torn black dress has been verified as authentic by The New York Times and other reputable organizations. While disturbing, the images provide undeniable evidence of the extreme cruelty inflicted upon Israeli women by Hamas militants.

The Times conducted an extensive two-month investigation into the events of October 7th and the abuses carried out by terrorists that night. Their findings confirm the brutal assaults against Israeli girls and women across numerous sites.

Analyzing videos, images, phone GPS data and over 150 first-hand interviews, reporters identified at least seven separate locations where females were deliberately targeted. The victims include mothers trapped in their cars, teenage girls at public gatherings, and even young children in their bedrooms.

Gal Abdush is just one face that represents the suffering of so many daughters, sisters and mothers than night. As her family grieves, Gal’s story stands as a stark reminder of Hamas’ willingness to unleash violence against innocents.

The full New York Times report also discusses a distressing pattern of gender-based attacks whenever Hamas strikes, regardless of whether civilian or military sites are targeted. This runs contrary to their claims of “resistance” or “freedom fighting” against the Israeli “occupation”. The evidence shows their aim is to terrorize mothers and children.

Those wishing to learn more about Gal Abdush’s story and the brutal campaign against Israeli women that night can find the complete coverage from the New York Times. The videos, images and personal accounts paint a picture of profound cruelty inflicted upon innocent lives. Gal has become another symbol of the senseless violence too many have come to expect from such vicious extremists.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.
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