Jack doherty body guard Punch

When popular YouTuber personality Jack doherty body guard Punch up at David Dobrik’s star-studded Halloween party, no one could have predicted the night would end in violence and serious criminal charges. But that’s exactly what happened when Doherty’s bodyguard, Kane Kongg, viciously assaulted an innocent partygoer, leaving him knocked unconscious on the ground. The brutal punch, captured on video and shared across social media, has now exploded into a major lawsuit with the victim seeking damages for battery and emotional distress. As the controversial case sends shockwaves through the internet culture space, it spotlights the real dangers when online influencers and their cronies take “content creation” too far. For Jack Doherty and his associates, a fun night out on the town in search of laughs and likes has morphed into a ugly legal battle with their careers and reputations on the line. Following !

Jack doherty body guard Punch
Jack doherty body guard Punch

Jack Doherty Bodyguard Punch Incident

Social media influencer Jack Doherty became embroiled in controversy in October 2022 when his bodyguard, Kane Kongg, punched a partygoer at David Dobrik’s star-studded Halloween bash. Video of the incident went viral, showing Kongg striking Chase Gardella, a friend of fellow internet personality Corinna Kopf. Gardella fell violently to the ground, resulting in head, neck and facial injuries. The unprovoked assault has led Gardella to file a lawsuit against Doherty and Kongg for battery, negligence and emotional distress, sparking debate around accountability for influencer-adjacent violence.

Doherty and his entourage were captured on film in a tense exchange with Gardella moments before the punch was thrown. Doherty appears to goad both parties into a physical altercation, stating “We’re gonna fight. Us two versus you two, alright go.” What transpired next was Kongg, a professional boxer, landing a forceful blow to Gardella’s face which sent the victim crashing down onto the brick pavement. The shocking incident was featured prominently on celebrity news sites, intensifying scrutiny of Doherty’s past prank videos depicting Kongg intimidating unwitting participants.

Gardella maintains he never consented to being assaulted and was merely trying to enjoy the festivities when he was unexpectedly targeted. His attorney condemned the “disgusting, unprovoked attack on a young man by a professional boxer at the direction of his social media influencer employer.” The violent punch is the latest in a string of questionable behavior tied to Doherty and his cohorts. Kongg himself boasts an extensive rap sheet, including past assault allegations involving a female victim while he was employed as a security guard. Doherty now faces serious legal repercussions for the role he played in orchestrating this brutal physical confrontation.

Details of Jack Doherty Bodyguard Punch

The altercation occurred during the early hours of October 29, 2022 at Dobrik’s Halloween party held at a private Los Angeles residence. According to Chase Gardella’s official statement, he was socializing with Jack Doherty and bodyguard Kane Kongg around 12:30 AM when Doherty suddenly proclaimed, “We’re gonna fight. Us two versus you two, alright go.” Mere moments later, Kongg unleashed a powerful punch directed at Gardella’s face, causing him to fall backwards and strike his head on the brick walkway. The vicious blow and subsequent impact with the ground left Gardella with injuries to his head, neck and face.

Video captured at the event and later posted on Doherty’s social channels documents the assault, showing Kongg punching an individual standing near internet celeb Corinna Kopf. The footage clearly displays the man stumbling backwards from the hit before crashing down onto the bricks. The recording syncs with the official timeline provided by Gardella. His legal team asserts that Gardella was an innocent bystander merely enjoying the party when he was attacked without provocation. They emphasize that their client never agreed to a physical altercation, refuting any claims that the violent punch was somehow warranted or consensual.

For his part, Doherty has a long history of producing prank content centered around chaos and danger. His YouTube videos frequently depict Kongg intimidating, grabbing or tackling random strangers who react negatively to Doherty’s antics. The Halloween punch seems to follow this same brand formula – manufacturing a dangerous real-life scenario for clicks and views. Only this time, the violence escalated far beyond a trivial prank. The consequences left a victim hospitalized with bodily harm and Doherty himself facing intense scrutiny and legal ramifications for enabling wanton brutality against those he deems disposable for entertainment.

Lawsuit Against Jack Doherty Over Bodyguard Punch

In the wake of the assault, Chase Gardella has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Jack Doherty and Kane Kongg citing charges of battery, negligence and intentional infliction of emotional distress. He is seeking unspecified monetary damages over the “disgusting, unprovoked” attack allegedly orchestrated by Doherty and carried out by professional boxer Kongg. The lawsuit asserts that Gardella was an innocent party conversing with the defendants when Doherty commanded Kongg to “fight” the victim without consent. Kongg then punched Gardella as ordered, sending him crashing down and causing head, neck and facial trauma requiring medical treatment.

Gardella’s attorney, Greyson Goody, released an incendiary public statement blasting Doherty and Kongg for the human toll of their cavalier violence. He described the punch as a “disgusting, unprovoked assault on a young man by a professional boxer at the direction of his social media influencer employer.” Goody emphasized Gardella was merely enjoying the festivities when he was ruthlessly targeted and attacked. He suffered injuries that could significantly disrupt and damage his health, finances and career prospects. Goody made clear they intend to hold the perpetrators fully accountable. The statement put influencers like Doherty on notice that they must answer for the real-world havoc they sow.

Legal experts say Gardella has a very strong case, especially with the attack caught on video. Prosecutors can clearly identify Kongg as the assailant and Doherty as an accomplice goading violence. Damning evidence shows Doherty instructing Kongg to “fight” just prior to the punch being launched. The duo will need to present compelling arguments to mitigate or justify the assault. Some may attempt to legally define Gardella as mutual combatant, but the victim’s posture and body language in footage suggests otherwise. Regardless of legal strategy, the lawsuit seems likely to end with a substantial payout and possibly even jail time for Doherty and Kongg.

Bodyguard Kane Kongg History of Assaults

This is not Kane Kongg’s first brush with allegations of criminal battery. The professional boxer and bodyguard has an extensive rap sheet dotted with claims of violence. Most recently in 2021, Kongg was accused of punching and knocking out a female club patron while working security detail for rapper DaBaby at a North Carolina venue. The woman alleged Kongg attacked her without justification, leaving her unconscious with a major head contusion. She intended to pursue legal action but the outcome remains unclear. The incident further cements Kongg’s reputation as a mercenary enforcer willing to dish out brutal beatings for a price.

A disturbing pattern has formed of Kongg facing accusations of battering unsuspecting victims in his role as muscle for celebrity clients. Outside of the nightclub assault, he has also earned notoriety as the menacing figure in Jack Doherty’s prank videos. He frequently uses aggression, intimidation and physical force against bystanders who react negatively to Doherty’s antics. Targets have included both male and female civilians of varying age ranges. While some incidents may be theatrical, the Halloween party punch demonstrated real violence often lies just below the surface. Kongg’s hair-trigger temper and boxing skill make him an imminent threat to public safety.

Now with Kongg facing a high-profile lawsuit over the brutal assault of Chase Gardella, his checkered past will likely come under intensive media scrutiny. Establishing a pattern of unjustified battery will not bode well for his legal prospects in this case. The willingness of previous victims to come forward could also severely undermine any self-defense claims. However, some experts counter Kongg avoids charges due to the financial influence and legal maneuvering of his celebrity employers. If Gardella secures a conviction, it would signify a reckoning for Kongg’s brand of violence. But his connections and history point to a strong possibility of evading meaningful accountability once again.

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