Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley

Following actress Iyabo Ojo’s allegations about singer Naira Marley providing her children with illegal substances, an old video has resurfaced that shows the two were once quite close. In the Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley , shared by controversial online figure Verydarkman, Iyabo Ojo excitedly receives a bouquet of flowers from Naira Marley and declares herself a “Marlian.” This has raised questions about the true nature of their past relationship. Please continue to follow for more updates on this story.

Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley
Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley

Knacking Video of iyabo ojo and naira marley

Verydarkman called out Iyabo Ojo as a “hypocrite” based on her current accusations against Naira Marley compared to their seemingly warm interactions in the past. He alleged they were so close in the past that Iyabo was comfortable sending her kids to his house.

“I heard she wan sleep with am,” Verydarkman claimed about Iyabo and Naira’s relationship.

He questioned why Iyabo Ojo was so excited and happy to receive Naira Marley’s bouquet if she had issues with him providing substances to her kids. This suggests some hidden friendship or relationship between the two celebrities that has now soured.

Iyabo Ojo’s Beef with Verydarkman

In his video, Verydarkman also accused Iyabo Ojo of delaying justice for the late singer, Mohbad, due to her personal vendetta against Naira Marley. Mohbad has accused Naira Marley of assault, bullying and harassment. However, Verydarkman points out there is still no actual case or evidence against Naira Marley regarding Mohbad’s claims.

Iyabo and Verydarkman’s online feud started after he labeled her a “failed actress.” She hit back in a reply video, which prompted Verydarkman to make more scandalous allegations about Iyabo and her daughter. He has claimed in a separate viral video that both women “sleep with men for money.”

So the current situation involves multiple controversies – Iyabo’s claims about Naira Marley and her kids, Verydarkman’s counterclaims about her past friendship with Naira Marley, the Mohbad assault allegations, and now Verydarkman’s attempts to damage Iyabo’s reputation.

Reactions to Verydarkman’s Resurfaced Video

Verydarkman’s sharing of the old video showing Iyabo Ojo happily receiving flowers from Naira Marley has caused debate online. Some support Verydarkman’s claims that Iyabo is being hypocritical based on their seemingly close past relationship. However, others criticize Verydarkman as just trying to stir up controversy.

“We all were once Marlians but this country doesn’t support threats & bullying,” one commenter wrote, suggesting Iyabo’s view of Naira Marley soured over his alleged bullying, not their personal relationship.

Some simply urge ignoring Verydarkman, claiming he’s being paid to cause drama online. The core question is whether the video proves Iyabo and Naira Marley were more than just friends or collaborators in the past.

Verydarkman believes it shows Iyabo’s current accusations don’t line up with how comfortable she appeared around Naira Marley previously. But others argue it’s irrelevant to the substance abuse allegations involving her kids.

Past Allegations Against Iyabo Ojo

This is not the first time Verydarkman has made scandalous allegations against Iyabo Ojo. After she insulted him and his mother online for failing to raise him properly, he hit back claiming both Iyabo and her daughter Priscy “sleep with men for money.”

He offered to pay them himself to sleep with his friend while he watched. He also called Iyabo a “dry woman” and wondered how her reported lover, Paulo, could stand sleeping with her.

So while his most recent video is focused on what he sees as Iyabo’s hypocrisy towards Naira Marley, he has a history of trying to damage her reputation with unproven claims about her personal life. This further undermines his credibility to some observers.

While the current controversy stems from Iyabo Ojo’s allegations about Naira Marley’s behavior towards her children, the resurfaced video gives a glimpse into the two celebrities’ past interactions.

In the short clip, Iyabo excitedly unwraps and reacts to receiving a bouquet of flowers from Naira Marley. Beaming ear to ear, she declares herself a “Marlian” – the name for Naira’s fanbase.

This suggests they likely ran in some of the same social circles and had a cordial or friendly relationship at some point. It’s a stark contrast to their current legal conflict over Iyabo’s substance abuse claims regarding her children.

Verydarkman believes this proves some level of hypocrisy or hidden friendship between the actress and singer that Iyabo wants to keep hidden. But the video alone does not confirm whether they ever had an inappropriate or romantic relationship, as Verydarkman further alleges.

The Aftermath and Legal Questions

In the aftermath of the various allegations between Iyabo, Verydarkman and Naira Marley, many legal questions remain.

Iyabo Ojo has yet to provide evidence of her claims that Naira Marley provided illegal substances to her children. Verydarkman argues she is allowing her personal vendetta against Naira Marley to stall justice for Mohbad’s assault allegations as well.

Police have not named Naira Marley as a suspect in any crime related to Iyabo’s children. And while Mohbad has lodged complaints, no charges have been filed against Naira regarding assault or harassment either.

So while the scandals continue to unfold online, legally there have been no ramifications yet for any party involved. The resurfaced video also does not prove any criminal behavior. But it does raise questions about the relationships between these celebrities and the truth behind their various allegations against each other.

While celebrity scandals and accusations of hypocrisy may capture headlines, there are larger issues at play in stories like this. The allegations around illegal drug use involving minors and stories of assault and harassment in the entertainment industry point to systemic problems.

The ongoing legal questions around Mohbad’s claims of being personally victimized highlight issues around protections for up-and-coming artists. And allegations that a celebrity provided kids with substances reveals potential holes in safety nets for famous children.

So while the personal beefs between Iyabo, Naira and their online defenders rage on social media, the wider Nigerian community is also attempting to make sense of these stars’ privileges and public responsibilities. Especially when their actions have implications for those who look up to them or hope to emulate their success.

There are still more questions than answers around the relationships and allegations involving Iyabo Ojo, Naira Marley and their associates. But the attention these scandals draw can also serve to amplify important conversations happening around the treatment of celebrities and their families.

The resurfaced video may reveal a hidden friendship, but it’s unlikely to provide closure or vindication for any party involved.

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