Nex benedict autopsy report and Video

The video is chilling—a nonbinary 16-year-old student hits their head on a bathroom floor at Owasso High School in Oklahoma during an altercation, lies motionless for seconds that feel like minutes. In the footage, Nex Benedict eventually rises and walks out of the frame, but the consequences of that blow prove fatal; just one day later, Nex collapses at home and passes away at the hospital. That video sparked immediate calls for accountability and justice. Now, nearly three weeks since Nex Benedict’s tragic death, the autopsy report has been finalized. However, its contents raise perhaps even more questions about what truly happened to this child on school grounds, whether vicious bullying over gender identity was truly a factor, and who should be held responsible. The full story remains tangled and unclear—we may never fully know what prompted the deadly collapse of 16-year-old Nex Benedict. But the grim facts contained in the medical examiner’s final autopsy report and the disturbing video from Owasso High School bathroom demand further investigation and continued outrage over this apparent failure to protect young Nex Benedict. Following !

Nex benedict autopsy report and Video
Nex benedict autopsy report and Video

Nex Benedict Autopsy Report and Video

On February 7th, 16-year-old nonbinary student Nex Benedict was subjected to a brutal attack in an Owasso High School bathroom. Video footage shows Nex hitting their head on the bathroom floor during an altercation with three female students who physically assaulted them. Nex was sent home from the hospital that day. Despite complaining of headaches, no initial police report was filed on the incident. The next day, Nex tragically collapsed at home and passed away at the hospital shortly thereafter at just 16 years old.

The circumstances surrounding the death of Nex Benedict have ignited intense scrutiny. In particular, the response of school administrators has raised questions over their handling of the violent incident that may have ultimately led to Nex’s untimely demise. On the day of the attack, Nex walked under their own power to the assistant principal and nurse’s office after the fight was broken up. However, many are questioning why police were not contacted immediately and whether enough was done to address the ongoing bullying that Nex claimed they and their friends had endured because of gender identity.

While an autopsy found no definitive evidence that Nex died from trauma sustained during the altercation, a full report is still pending along with additional investigation into the exact cause of death. The lack of immediate action and failure to file an initial police report has also put school leadership under fire. Parents and community members alike are seeking accountability and demanding better protection for non-binary and transgender youth so that no student has to face discrimination, bullying, or violence as Nex did prior to their death on school grounds.

Investigation into Nex Benedict’s Death

The handling of 16-year-old Nex Benedict’s tragic death is currently under intense review. The altercation leading to their death originally occurred in an Owasso High School bathroom on February 7th. Video footage from the school shows Nex walking under their own power to administrator offices after the attack, contrary to speculation. An autopsy found no clear evidence Nex died from sustained trauma during the fight. However, the full medical examiner’s report and additional investigation remains pending nearly three weeks later, furthering calls for accountability.

While the autopsy results ruled out physical trauma, Nex’s exact cause of death is still unknown to the public. The Owasso Police Department released concerning 911 audio on February 24th, well after the February 7th attack, that indicates first responders believed there was potential foul play involved. Sue Benedict, Nex’s grandmother, can be heard describing Nex “posturing”, eyes rolling back, hands curling, and struggling to breathe after they collapsed at home February 8th. These details have raised suspicions from advocates calling for a thorough investigation, arguing Nex’s death should not simply be dismissed as unrelated to the assault.

It also remains unclear whether Nex Benedict was attacked specifically due to their non-binary gender identity after alleging bullying for style of dress. The Owasso School District acknowledged the altercation itself only lasted approximately two minutes before being broken up by others. However, Nex can be clearly heard in released body camera footage stating they poured water on the three female attackers only after repeated mocking. Civil rights organizations have already called for state and federal agencies to determine whether Title IX violations or negligence contributed to the death of Nex Benedict just one day after the violent bathroom altercation with classmates.

Reaction and Analysis of Nex Benedict Case

The death of 16-year-old Nex Benedict has sparked intense reaction across the country just weeks later. Nex was non-binary and used they/them pronouns, with their tragic passing drawing particular attention and advocacy from LGBTQ organizations. Critics specifically call out Oklahoma’s strict gender policies, arguing the environment cultivated by such legislation enables increased discrimination and violence against transgender and non-conforming students. The video of Nex collapsing at school after an attack has renewed scrutiny over school accountability to protect vulnerable youth, regardless of gender identity or expression.

While autopsy findings ruled out trauma, the full medical examiner conclusion remains pending in Nex Benedict’s death. Yet national civil rights groups continue placing pressure for the truth on local leadership in Owasso, Oklahoma. The Altercation Response Review demands accountability from administrators, arguing that even if the assault did not directly kill Nex, schools still bear responsibility to protect students from violence and bullying. The public outcry also condemns gender discrimination, using this high-profile tragedy involving a non-binary youth to campaign for inclusive policies protecting all students regardless of identity.

The death of Nex Benedict has dominated national headlines for weeks as calls for change and justice continue mounting in the wake of tragedy. Out Oklahoma CEO Allison Mitchell noted that unfortunately attacks on non-binary people are not new, but the Benedict case demonstrates the potential deadly consequences of unchecked discrimination and violence against marginalized youth. Passionate voices across the country are proclaiming “Justice for Nex Benedict” while demanding revised school policies enforcing safety and acceptance for students of all gender identities. The legacy of young Nex Benedict has only just begun, with their name potentially catalyzing a revised national approach to transgender rights.

The Impact of the Nex Benedict Case

The death of 16-year-old Nex Benedict is proving historically impactful in national conversations surrounding rights and protections for non-binary youth. Nex used they/them pronouns to describe their identity which did not conform to strict male or female gender classifications. Their tragic passing has drawn extensive media coverage, highlighting what many advocates call negligence by school administrators in preventing violence against Nex stemming from intolerance towards their gender expression. Parents of transgender children feel particular concern over safety, calling for revised anti-bullying policies to prevent another heartbreaking case of a gender non-conforming minor killed after harassment.

It seems clear the lasting legacy of Nex Benedict will be renewed debate over legal protections for transgender and non-binary students. Their death has gained such notoriety that civil rights organizations are directly citing the Benedict case to demand state and federal agencies open investigations into potential violations of Title IX. Beyond Oklahoma, legislators across the country are facing increasing pressure to address school policies regarding gender minorities. Sixteen states currently have restrictive bathroom and sports participation laws similar to those in Oklahoma, which advocacy groups argue enable the bullying and discrimination that victimized Nex Benedict prior to death.

While the full investigation continues into the circumstances prompting the death of Nex Benedict, many believe the teen’s heartbreaking story has already profoundly impacted the national conversation around gender identity. Out Oklahoma CEO Allison Mitchell summarized the sentiments of many, stating “Nex Benedict deserves to have their name go down in history as one of the reasons why we were able to move the needle on rights for trans and non-binary people across the country.” Though their life tragically ended far too soon, Nex Benedict’s lasting legacy may be serving as the catalyst for legislation finally recognizing and protecting the rights of non-binary youth across the nation.

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