Pen girl video original incident in google

The internet has no shortage of strange and disturbing content that goes viral, often leaving viewers shocked and appalled. One particularly infamous case is the 2012 anime-style GIF animation commonly known as the “Pen Girl video,” which resurfaced in 2018 and spread across social media as a graphic shock meme. The unsettling clip titled “Fukouna Shoujo 03” depicts the brutal torture and flaying alive of a young cartoon girl. While the original uploads of this so-called “Pen Girl video” seem to have expired, the graphic animation continues to circulate online, now as an internet legend. The bizarre and troubling story behind the “Pen Girl video original incident in google” serves as a dark reflection of internet culture and viral phenomena. Following !

Pen girl video original incident in google
Pen girl video original incident in google

What is “Pen Girl Video Original Incident”?

The “Pen Girl Video Original Incident” refers to the viral spread online of a disturbing animated video titled “Fukouna Shoujo 03” (translated as “Unfortunate Girl 03”). The anime-style GIF created by Japanese artist vvindowsme depicts the graphic torture and flaying alive of a young cartoon girl.

What was the disturbing “Pen Girl Video”

The video animation at the center of this incident shows a nude prepubescent girl with pink hair restrained inside a machine. Metal claws grip each of her limbs as well as her neck. The machine proceeds to slowly peel the skin off the shrieking girl, revealing the musculature and sinew underneath.

The intentionally unsettling 2-minute animation is rendered in an anime aesthetic. The girl, who appears to be in extreme distress, struggles fruitlessly to escape as the skin flaying progresses. The video fades to black after completely removing the skin from her body.

The incident and initial spread

The shocking animation was created by Japanese artist vvindowsme and posted to the art sharing site Pixiv in late October 2012 along with a cryptic Japanese caption. It was hosted on the image hosting site ImageBam.

The disturbing video quickly began circulating to various online communities focused on gore, morbid curiosity, and shock imagery. It became known as a “viral scare” video used to alarm unsuspecting viewers.

The “Pen Girl Video” Goes Viral

In early 2018, the “Pen Girl Video” saw a resurgence in popularity as an internet meme. Edited versions and references to the unsettling animation spread widely across social media platforms.

In March 2018, a still frame from the video was edited into a 4-panel comic and posted to Instagram by user @teen_comix. The meme gained thousands of likes. Other Instagram users discussed the infamous animation in comments.

Around the same time, a blank version of the “flaying machine” minus the girl began circulating on Twitter. Users inserted various characters inside the machine frame as a kind of dark humor meme.

As memes featuring the “Pen Girl” animation gained traction on Instagram and Twitter, the video itself was rediscovered by a new generation of internet users.

Many young people unfamiliar with the iconic shock animation were disturbed and horrified after seeking it out. The intense reactions fueled the renewed interest and intrigue surrounding the video.

Why the “Pen Girl Video” Became a Viral Trend

The animated “Pen Girl” video contains several elements that help explain its spread as a viral internet shock meme.

The extremely graphic flaying of a young girl seen in the animation gave the video an inherent shock value. The disturbing and taboo nature of the violent imagery provoked strong reactions from viewers.

The original Japanese text accompanying the uploads added an aura of mystery and creepiness. The lack of context and unclear meaning behind the unsettling animation further compelled users to share and discuss it online.

Once still frames began being edited into memes, the video gained traction in internet meme culture as a recognizable reference. Memes often spread rapidly due to being designed intentionally as viral content.

Where to Find the “Pen Girl Video Original”

The original uploads of the full “Pen Girl Video” animation are difficult to find, as the posts have expired. However, copies continue to be shared on gore and shock sites.

  • The original Pixiv artwork and ImageBam video upload are no longer accessible. The posts were likely removed by the websites due to the graphic content violating terms of service.
  • Although the initial uploads have expired, copies of the full “Pen Girl” animation can still be found reposted on sites like Reddit, 4chan, and YouTube.
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