Shawty bae leg up of leek Twitter Video

When 20-year-old TikTok superstar Shawty Bae posted her off-the-cuff “Shawty bae leg up of leek Twitter Video ” video back in early 2023, she had no idea it was about to launch her into the stratosphere of viral fame. The 30-second clip shows Shawty Bae effortlessly lip-syncing to an upbeat song while balancing playfully on one leg and spinning a leek vegetable she randomly grabbed from her kitchen. Before she knew it, the nonsensical yet captivating video had exploded on TikTok and Twitter, amassing 29 million views across social platforms. Practically overnight, Shawty Bae’s impromptu “leg up of leek” dance gave birth to a cultural sensation that would dominate headlines and social feeds for months. Soon the internet couldn’t get enough of the veggie-loving star or the memes surrounding her catchy vegetable-fueled dance craze that we now know as the “leg up of leek.” Please continue to follow for more updates on this story.

Shawty bae leg up of leek Twitter Video

Shawty Bae, whose real name is Jasmine Orlando, captivated social media when she posted her now iconic “leg up of leek” video. The 30-second TikTok clip shows the 20-year-old influencer from Minnesota effortlessly lip-syncing and dancing while balancing on one leg and spinning a leek vegetable. Shawty Bae’s spontaneous video amassed over 29 million views as it rapidly spread across platforms like Twitter, sparking a viral dance craze. Her playful spirit and finesse helped popularize the “leek spin dance,” requiring participants to gracefully pose on one leg while twirling a leek.

As Shawty Bae’s “leg up of leek” video trended in early 2023, the distinct dance captured public fascination. Shawty Bae found herself in the spotlight with major outlets like Buzzfeed, Mashable, and Elle covering the leggy leek sensation. “I just wanted to make a silly video with a vegetable I found in my fridge; I never thought it would blow up like this,” remarked Shawty Bae. The Today Show and Good Morning America even featured the viral dance as fans everywhere tried to mimic Shawty Bae’s moves. In just weeks, the impromptu “leg up of leek” cemented itself as a cultural phenomenon thanks to Shawty Bae’s infectious charm.

By 2024, Shawty Bae’s iconic “leg up of leek” video had transformed TikTok culture and inspired countless creators. A search for the #legupofleek hashtag now draws over 10 billion views as the platform saw an explosion of spin-off videos. Shawty Bae’s fridge-raiding dance evolved from a silly social media post into a movement that even attracted celebrities like Lizzo and Charli D’Amelio to catch “leek fever” with their own interpretations. Through her creativity and influence as an early TikTok icon, Shawty Bae sparked a sensation that engraved itself as a longstanding viral legacy on the platform.

Who is Shawty Bae?

Jasmine Orlando demonstrated creative talent and magnetism from a young age while growing up in Spring Lake Park, Minnesota. As a student at Spring Lake Park High School, the ambitious teenager began cultivating an audience on under playful pseudonyms like “Shawty” and “Shorty Bae.” Her energetic charisma quickly attracted engaged followers even before she graduated high school. By 2018, had merged into TikTok–the perfect vehicle for the newly dubbed “Shawty Bae” to catapult into virality. Still a teenager, Shawty Bae leveraged social media and innate marketing instincts to launch her rise to fame.

As Shawty Bae’s online fame exponentially grew on TikTok, so did her base of devoted supporters captivated by her signature flair. While details remain scarce about her education, Shawty Bae focused on collaborations and strengthening her personal brand between 2021-2024. By 2021, the rising superstar had accumulated over one million loyal followers and billions of views. Fans connected with the authentic creator’s candid reactions and transparency. Though much of her personal life stays private, Shawty Bae’s relatable humor on camera makes followers feel like old pals. This genuine quality is central to her transformation from small-town teen to viral heavyweight.

Today, Shawty Bae has carved a space as a visionary Gen Z influencer who steered her own viral fame by embracing social media on her own terms. With over 1.6 million TikTok followers and 290 thousand Instagram supporters, the young founder built an empire by showcasing her distinctive identity. Beginning anonymously on, her seamless ascent to TikTok authority felt inevitable thanks to marketing savvy and resilience. “I stayed true to myself and had fun making videos—the rest fell into place,” Shawty Bae said. Now 20, Shawty Bae serves as a model for aspiring creators working to find social media success through creativity and personality

Shawty Bae’s Ascent on TikTok

Shawty Bae’s fame originated under her earliest pseudonym “You Can Call Me Shorty” on, which later merged into TikTok. As an original breakout star, she leveraged dance talent, effervescent charm, and marketing instincts to stand out among the crowded app. Her early lip-syncing and dance trends engaged high audience participation even through TikTok’s launch. Adapting seamlessly as formats shifted in 2018, Shawty Bae’s authenticity and flexibility fueled her momentum entering TikTok’s next era. Thanks to these strengths and loyal supporters, the young star’s continued rise felt inevitable.

By 2019, Shawty Bae had proven herself among TikTok’s most prominent rising talents known for bold personality and popularizing dance crazes. She pursued collaborations with fellow top creators like Charli D’Amelio to expand her visibility, fusing her signature style with elite stars. Fans praised these unexpected yet delightful partnerships between Shawty Bae and TikTok authorities. Her carefree appeal and versatility enhanced trends while spotlighting Troy Zarba’s editing finesse. Shawty Bae even secured exclusive brand sponsorships with Old Navy and Hollister—a coveted milestone affirming her skyrocketing influence. With diverse skills and collaborators, her fame seemed boundless.

Today, Shawty Bae enjoys TikTok royalty status with over 1.6 million loyal followers and billions of collective video views. After years building her empire post-by-post leveraging social media marketing, every career win felt hard-fought. “I started as just another teen posting videos. I never thought a passion project could turn into a profitable career,” reflected Shawty Bae. Still, her dedication honing video formats led to an elite influencer career that makes competitors envious. But despite the glitz of stardom, Shawty Bae’s approachable charm persists thanks to an audience as devoted as when she first went viral.

What Happened: Shawty Bae and the “Leg Up of Leek” Trend

: posted a 30-second TikTok video featuring herself effortlessly lip-syncing while balancing artfully on one leg and spinning a leek vegetable. The nonsensical video instantly captivated viewers as Shawty Bae demonstrated her signature charm against the absurd backdrop of dancing with a produce prop. When the clip rapidly amassed 29 million views, “leg up of leek” became cemented in the cultural zeitgeist almost overnight. Shawty Bae had spontaneously sparked a viral sensation with her vegetable-fueled dance trend that took social media by storm within weeks.

As the “leg up of leek” grew from TikTok novelty to full-blown viral craze in early 2023, Shawty Bae emerged as the face of the phenomenon thanks to her starring role popularizing the meme. “I just wanted to make a silly video with whatever I found in my kitchen. I never expected it to get so huge,” remarked a stunned Shawty Bae in interviews.

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