Verbalase 50k full Video animation Song

Verbalase 50k full Video animation Song” has become an internet sensation overnight, though perhaps not for the reasons its creator hoped for. Verbalase, a popular YouTuber known for his comedic cartoon videos, recently spent $50,000 commissioning an animated music video featuring characters from the upcoming adult series Hazbin Hotel. However, the video has sparked intense backlash rather than laughs. The disturbing content shows Hazbin Hotel’s lead female character Charlie aggressively forcing herself onto an unwilling Verbalase in what many are calling a depiction of assault. While Verbalase defends the video as just a parody, critics condemn his artistic choices, arguing that animation normalizes and trivializes nonconsensual situations. The raging debate highlights gaps in internet video policies. But despite the severe criticism, there’s no denying the succinctly-labeled “Verbalase 50k full Video animation Song” has massively boosted anticipation of Hazbin Hotel’s release, even if through infamy rather than acclaim. Please continue to follow for more updates on this story.

Verbalase 50k full Video animation Song
Verbalase 50k full Video animation Song

YouTuber’s $50K Animation Video Goes Viral Amid Controversy

Popular YouTuber Verbalase, known for his comedic Cartoon Beatbox Battles videos, recently commissioned a controversial animated music video featuring characters from the upcoming series Hazbin Hotel. The video depicts Verbalase being chased and caught by an infatuated Charlie, the female protagonist of Hazbin Hotel. It came under scrutiny this month after being shared widely on social media.

Hazbin Hotel is an adult animated musical comedy created by Vivienne Medrano, expected to release on Prime Video this year. The series follows Charlie, daughter of the devil, as she attempts to rehabilitate sinners by running a hotel. Verbalase spent approximately $50,000 hiring animators to produce his custom music video based on this show.

The animated video, titled “Chase – Hide Away,” shows Charlie aggressively pursuing a frightened Verbalase until she captures him against his will. The content raised ethical concerns, though Verbalase defended it as a parody. “It was all planned for laughs,” he stated in a Discord chat.

The video amassed over 11 million views after being shared on Twitter on January 11, 2024 by user @thestartofluck. Many were shocked at the high price tag for what they deemed inappropriate content. Some claimed Verbalase went bankrupt funding the video, though this remains unproven.

The incident has sparked wider debate around adult animation and limits on artistic expression versus exploitation. But the viral attention has undeniably spread awareness of Hazbin Hotel ahead of its release.

Animator Goes Viral Over “Inappropriate” $50K Music Video

An animated music video commissioned by YouTuber Verbalase for $50,000 has sparked outrage online for its sexually suggestive cartoon content. The video shows a character named Charlie from an upcoming adult comedy series aggressively chasing Verbalase in what many are calling a depiction of assault.

Titled “Chase – Hide Away,” the animation is directed by Steven Chase. It is believed to have first been posted on Chase’s YouTube channel last September, accumulating over 60,000 views before being removed this month. The exact original upload date is unknown.

The video shows Hazbin Hotel’s female lead Charlie, daughter of the devil, pursuing a terrified Verbalase. She is depicted as infatuated with him against his will. The video implies Charlie catches Verbalase and engages in forced intimate relations with his motionless body.

Verbalase defends the content as a parody, claiming it was “all planned for laughs.” But many find the apparent lack of consent disturbing regardless of intent.

The animation caught wider attention this week after being reposted on Twitter. Outrage ensued regarding the high budget Verbalase spent funding what some called a “disturbing glorification of sexual assault”. Others praised its edgy style. Debate continues around censorship versus artistic expression.

But the viral spotlight placed on this controversial commissioned video has certainly boosted anticipation of Hazbin Hotel’s release, garnering over 11 million views.

Verbalase “Bankrupt” After $50K Animation Goes Viral, Sparks Outrage

A controversial animated video by YouTuber Verbalase received massive negative attention this week after being shared on Twitter, racking up over 11 million views. The video depicts a cartoon character named Charlie forcing herself onto Verbalase, who commissioned the animation for $50,000. Many condemned the content, while rumors also spread that its high cost left Verbalase bankrupt.

The animation first gained traction on January 11th when Twitter user @thestartofluck posted screenshots of Verbalase discussing the project dubbed “Hide Away” on Discord. This exposed the video’s expensive production budget. @thestartofluck later shared a link to the full animation hosted on YouTube channel HydroHater99.

The video shows Charlie from the upcoming adult comedy Hazbin Hotel chasing a fearful Verbalase against his will. Despite Verbalase defending it as a humorous parody, many found the apparent non-consensual acts deeply disturbing.

As the video went viral across social media, outrage ensued over what some called a “promotion of sexual assault”. Backlash was also directed at the large sum Verbalase paid for the offensive content.

Unconfirmed reports then began circulating that Verbalase went bankrupt funding the animation. Whether true or not, the saga certainly damaged his reputation. But it also massively boosted hype for Hazbin Hotel shortly before its release, despite the questionable promotion.

Outcry Over YouTuber’s “Nonconsensual” $50K Cartoon Video

A highly controversial animated video commissioned by YouTuber Verbalase for $50,000 has prompted widespread criticism this week for appearing to depict nonconsensual acts. The video shows Hazbin Hotel character Charlie forcibly chasing and catching Verbalase before engaging in intimate relations with his motionless body.

While Verbalase claims the video was a humorous parody, many find the content disturbing regardless of intent. Critics accuse it of glorifying sexual assault.

“It’s extremely irresponsible for Verbalase to release this kind of imagery,” said advocacy group Protect The Innocent in a statement. “Portraying nonconsensual situations as entertainment sends a dangerous message.”

Others defend the video as free artistic expression.

“It’s fiction. Verbalase isn’t promoting real crime, he’s just capitalizing on a trend of dark comedy,” commented an animation expert. “If we ban this, what stops massive censorship of entertainment media?”

Debate continues around whether publicly funding and sharing such graphic adult animation crosses ethical lines, or if it should be protected speech.

But many argue that paying $50,000 to animate fictional nonconsensual acts for shock value is in poor taste regardless. There are also questions around YouTube allowing such content to be monetized with ads.

The polarizing saga reveals gaps in policy around animation compared to live-action video. But for now, the controversy alone has massively boosted hype for Hazbin Hotel’s upcoming release.

Upcoming Series “Hazbin Hotel” Sparks Heated Controversy

Hazbin Hotel, an upcoming adult animated comedy series, has faced intense scrutiny over an animated music video depicting its lead character Charlie forcing herself upon popular YouTuber Verbalase. The incident has fueled wider debate around the show’s dark comedic tone and explicit content.

Created by Vivienne Medrano and expected to premiere on Prime Video this year, Hazbin Hotel is set in Hell and follows Charlie, daughter of the devil, on a quest to rehabilitate sinners. She hopes to find a non-violent solution to Hell’s overpopulation crisis by reforming demons through her new “Happy Hotel” business.

But Charlie faces skepticism from demon leaders opposed to giving sinners a second chance, along with attacks from extreme purist angels.

The show’s creator promises a “twisted adult comedy” tackling issues like addiction and redemption with plenty of musical numbers mixed in. But some critics argue Hazbin Hotel too lightly satirizes serious topics like nonconsensual acts.

Supporters counter that black comedy pushing boundaries is meant to spur discussion, not condone harm.

The raging debate around the fictional series now intensifying due to Verbalase’s viral animated video has certainly brought Hazbin Hotel infamy and publicity. But it remains contentious whether the added attention has been more beneficial or damaging just before its release, as critics urge Prime Video to cancel the series.

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