Viral excavator india incident Video

When a bizarre 41-second video recently went viral across India, it took the internet by storm and left viewers scratching their heads. The clip features a man utilizing the giant, metallic arm of an excavator to scratch an itch on his back, giving new meaning to having an “itch you can’t reach.” This wacky incident captured on camera has ignited a debate among internet users about innovative uses of heavy construction equipment. While some found the video humorously entertaining, others criticized the obvious dangers of maneuvering an excavator for such an absurd purpose. Nonetheless, this newly surfaced footage has quickly reached viral status for its unexpected nature and memorable absurdity, joining the ranks of other head-scratching internet sensations originating out of India. So how did a standard excavator become the ultimate back scratcher and what does its virality reveal about tech culture? The strange saga of this “viral excavator India incident video” serves as another example of the internet’s fascination with all things wild, wacky and downright weird. Following !

Viral excavator india incident Video
Viral excavator india incident Video

I. Viral Video of Bizarre Excavator Usage in India

A bizarre video recently emerged from India showing a man using the bucket of an excavator to scratch his back, instantly garnering thousands of reactions once posted on Facebook. The 41-second clip depicts the man’s unsuccessful attempt to relieve an itch using a rolled up cloth before ultimately relying on the heavy machinery operated by a helpful driver. This unexpected use of an excavator, typically utilized for digging and lifting, has left many internet users both amused and alarmed.

The incident occurred earlier this month on October 11th, when the video was shared on Facebook. It quickly amassed over 4,000 reactions and 2,300 shares from stunned viewers. Many flocked to the comments to express their surprise at the unusual solution for a hard-to-reach itch. Some found the video humorously entertaining, while others criticized the danger of using an excavator bucket in such an unconventional manner. Nonetheless, the bizarre and memorable nature of the clip contributed to its viral spread across Indian social platforms.

II. Play-by-Play of Viral Indian Excavator Incident

The video shows a man on a construction site attempting to scratch an itch on his back with a rolled up piece of cloth (2). When this fails to satisfy the irritation, he walks directly in front of a JCB excavator equipped with a large metal bucket. Bending over in front of the machinery, the man signals to the excavator operator. The helpful driver starts up the vehicle and maneuvers the bucket to gently meet the man’s back, using the curved metal to scratch up and down. The man maintains this position for the remainder of the 41-second video, utilizing the hulking excavator arm as a back scratcher.

According to sources, the incident occurred in the Indian state of Kerala after local resident Minu Mani spotted an excavator and conceived of an unorthodox use for the heavy-duty vehicle. The middle-aged construction worker had been struggling with an itch on his back that he was unable to reach on his own. Onlookers watched in surprise as Mani enlisted the help of excavator operator Hamidul Islam, who carefully controlled the vehicle’s bucket to provide some relief from the irritating itch. Their unique solution has provoked many reactions among Indian internet users since captured footage went viral earlier this month.

III. Why the Bizarre Excavator Video Went Viral

A number of factors contributed to this bizarre excavator back scratching video’s rise in popularity across Indian social media channels. Firstly, many viewers found the incident equal parts amusing and alarming, flocking online to express their disbelief and reactions. The absurdity of using dangerous heavy construction equipment for something as mundane as an itch shocked many people. Simultaneously, some netizens found humor in the lengths this man went to address such a common annoyance. These extreme emotions of shock and hilarity likely fueled shares of the clip.

Additionally, the uniqueness of the excavator’s usage greatly contributed to interest and attention online. Construction vehicles like excavators are typically utilized for digging trenches, lifting debris, or breaking down structures with their strong metal buckets. Witnessing one maneuvered to gently scratch an itch defied expectations, highlighting the human desire to use machines in new ways beyond their intended purpose. This inspired many to click, watch, react, and spread awareness of the clip. Overall, the bizarre and unexpected nature of the excavator back scratcher resonated widely across the internet.

IV. Where to Find the Viral Indian Excavator Video

Since initially posted on the Indian Facebook page Gurgaon Memers House, the viral video has been shared by news outlets and aggregators across Indian social platforms as well as American sites like Reddit . To view the original excavator back scratching footage, visit the Gurgaon Memers House Facebook page where it was first uploaded on October 11th, 2022. The video can also be found reposted on YouTube by searching keywords like “excavator back scratch viral video India.”

Many Indian news platforms covered this bizarre incident as well, including popular sites like,, and Their articles often embed the original Facebook footage or provide external links. So those interested in reading further reactions and commentary around this viral video can search for it on their sites. American social media like Reddit also feature threads sharing and discussing this unusual Indian excavator clip.

Overall, the memorable incident spread widely beyond just its initial Facebook upload, and can now be found on various platforms by searching relevant terms. The excavator back scratcher video’s ubiquity across Indian outlets and niche American forums demonstrates the massive cultural impact of this small, 41-second clip.

V. Other Excavator Incidents and Accidents in India

While this excavator video showcases an unexpected and lighthearted use of machinery, other incidents in India reveal the real dangers of mishandling heavy vehicles. Excavators weigh thousands of pounds and accidents due to reckless maneuvering often lead to serious injury or death.

For example, earlier this year a speeding excavator in Gurgaon struck and killed a 3-year-old girl playing outside at a construction site. The vehicle was reportedly driving erratically without caution for pedestrians. A similar tragedy occurred in 2018 in Delhi when a recklessly operated excavator ran over a 14-year-old boy walking on the sidewalk. The driver was arrested on charges of causing death due to negligence.

Excavators are also used for more sinister purposes beyond accidents, like robbery. Just this year, a group of thieves in Maharashtra’s Sangli district were caught on camera stealing over Rs. 27 lakh from an Axis Bank ATM using a stolen excavator . The massive vehicle easily uprooted the kiosk, showcasing the extreme destructive power that excavators wield.

While the back scratching video was lighthearted in nature, these other incidents reveal the consequences of recklessly maneuvering heavy excavators around civilians or intentionally weaponizing them for crimes. The machines can pose serious risks to public safety when operated irresponsibly by untrained drivers. Hopefully stricter oversight and operating procedures can help prevent future excavator-related injuries, deaths, or property damage.

Please note that all information presented in this article has been obtained from a variety of sources, including and several other newspapers. Although we have tried our best to verify all information, we cannot guarantee that everything mentioned is correct and has not been 100% verified. Therefore, we recommend caution when referencing this article or using it as a source in your own research or report.
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