Watch Edward Teach Brewery Viral Video

Edward Teach Brewery Viral Video has recently rocked the Edward Teach brewery in Wilmington, North Carolina, sparking intense controversy across social media. The disturbing video posted online appears to show the owner of the popular local brewery engaging in aggressive and inappropriate behavior. Within days, the explosive video had been viewed thousands of times, igniting fiery debate and prompting swift backlash against the brewery. As outrage mounts, many are left wondering: will Edward Teach overcome this scandal, or will the viral video deal a devastating blow to the once-beloved business? The stunning incident serves as a sobering reminder of the immense power of viral videos in today’s interconnected online landscape. For Edward Teach, the fallout has only just begun. Please continue to follow for more updates on this story.

Watch Edward Teach Brewery Viral Video
Watch Edward Teach Brewery Viral Video

Edward Teach Brewery Viral Video Sparks Intense Backlash

A viral social media post accusing the owner of Edward Teach Brewery in Wilmington, NC of misconduct has prompted a massive backlash, including a boycott of the brewery by local bars and restaurants.

The controversy began on December 29th when musician Madonna Nash made a Facebook post alleging inappropriate behavior by Edward Teach owner Gary Sholar towards her 20-year-old daughter, who had performed at the brewery in November. In the widely-shared post viewed over 1,000 times, Nash claimed Sholar was drunk and became verbally and physically abusive, yelling profanities and throwing furniture.

According to Nash’s post, the incident occurred on the night of November 14th after her daughter, who is also a musician, finished a performance at Edward Teach Brewery. Nash alleged that owner Gary Sholar had behaved inappropriately throughout the evening, making lewd comments and becoming increasingly aggressive and intoxicated. After the show ended, Nash said Sholar erupted into a rage, shouting expletives and derogatory terms at her daughter before overturning chairs and trying to damage brewery property.

The Facebook post did not indicate whether police were contacted over the incident. Nash stated her daughter was deeply shaken by the experience and wanted to warn others about Sholar’s alleged behavior. Nash’s emotional account struck a chord online, quickly amassing over 800 comments, the vast majority expressing outrage at Sholar and support for the accuser. Some commenters shared their own negative experiences with Sholar and called for the community to stop supporting Edward Teach Brewery.

Local Establishments Quickly Boycott Edward Teach Brewery

Within days of Nash’s viral post, more than a dozen local bars, restaurants and taprooms in the Wilmington area announced they would no longer serve Edward Teach beer or cut ties with the brewery entirely. Establishments boycotting Edward Teach products include popular Wrightsville Beach venues Jimmy’s and King Neptune, along with downtown Wilmington’s Cape Fear Wine & Beer pub.

Jimmy Gilleece, the owner of Jimmy’s and King Neptune, explained his decision, stating “this just crossed a line” and he wanted to show support for Nash’s daughter, even hosting a performance by her on January 2nd. Other businesses made similar statements on social media, condemning Sholar’s alleged actions and pledging not to support the brewery financially until the situation was properly addressed.

Edward Teach had gained a strong local following for beers like its flagship Teach’s Peaches brew, which could previously be found on draft in dozens of area restaurants and bars. The swift boycott represents a potential major blow to the brewery’s distribution and bottled beer sales. However, Edward Teach beers still remain on tap and on shelves in some local establishments that have yet to join the boycott.

Intense Social Media Backlash Against Edward Teach Brewery

Alongside the boycott, Edward Teach Brewery has faced ongoing outrage and criticism throughout social media in the weeks following Nash’s post. Outcry on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been relentless from both individuals and businesses denouncing Sholar over the disturbing allegations.

Negative reviews and furious comments have flooded Edward Teach’s social media profiles. On Instagram, a photo of Sholar elicited scores of angry comments condemning his alleged actions. The brewery’s Facebook page has been overwhelmed by 1-star reviews that continue to accumulate. On Twitter, some users coordinated efforts to “cancel” the brewery entirely.

Wilmington brewery Flytrap Brewing, which does not serve other local brands, issued a statement on Facebook saying “F*** this place” in regards to Edward Teach. Flytrap pledged to ban Sholar from its premises and encouraged others to do the same. Comments on Flytrap’s post expressed gratitude for the business taking an ethical stand against Sholar’s purported behavior.

Some on social media called for criminal charges, though Nash’s public post did not indicate she had contacted law enforcement over the incident as of early January. Others stated they would never drink another Edward Teach product again until tangible action was taken. Many commenters tagged local media outlets and urged journalists to cover the story. Some went as far as falsely claiming Edward Teach Brewery had permanently closed, based on misreading the brewery’s seasonal hours post.

Edward Teach Brewery Attempts to Respond Amid Continued Fallout

Initially silent after the viral post, Edward Teach Brewery issued a statement on January 4th in an apparent attempt to mitigate public backlash. The statement, posted on the brewery’s social media profiles, did not directly reference the allegations but said Edward Teach does not “tolerate bad behavior in our establishment from our patrons or staff.”

The statement went on to say “not everything you read online is accurate,” and described the incident as a “brief and unfortunately, misconstrued” situation that occurred two months prior. It concluded by saying the brewery was “doing all we can to help those involved…move forward respectfully and harmoniously.”

However, Edward Teach’s vague response was met with further anger from commenters who criticized it for not directly addressing the details in Nash’s post or providing a specific apology. Some called it an “insulting non-response” that showed a lack of accountability. The brewery has reportedly deleted negative comments and blocked some users on social media amid the continued fallout.

As of January 10th, there are no indications as to whether Sholar himself will issue a statement or address the public allegations made against him. Wilmington police have not commented on whether an investigation has been opened related to the alleged incident at Edward Teach last November.

The boycott remains ongoing as well, though the number of participating establishments appears to have plateaued after the initial burst of over a dozen businesses cutting ties with the brewery in the aftermath of Nash’s post at the end of December. Some vendors say they are taking a wait-and-see approach as the situation develops further.

It remains unclear whether the intense backlash will have long-term ramifications for Edward Teach Brewery, or if lingering effects from the viral scandal will fade in the coming weeks and months if the business avoids further controversies. However, the brewery’s reputation has undoubtedly been severely damaged in the short term, with the community voicing outrage at the disturbing allegations against owner Sholar.

While Edward Teach contends it was merely an unfortunate misunderstanding, the court of public opinion has overwhelmingly sided with the accuser after her emotional account spread rapidly on social media. The coming days and weeks will reveal whether the brewery is able to take tangible steps to regain trust locally or will continue to face consequences until the situation reaches some form of definitive resolution.

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